Healthcare Solutions

Here at Syracuse Time & Alarm Co., Inc. we pride ourselves as a valued partner with the many healthcare facilities throughout the Central New York area. Regardless of the system we are installing we understand the need to do it right and ensure the safety of the patients using our equipment.

Nurse Call Systems



Jeron Nurse Call Systems use leading VoIP (Voice over IP) communications technology to provide facility-wide networked solutions to meet the patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff communications, alerting, and workflow needs of any acute care patient environment.

Provider 790
Nursing Homes

For skilled nursing and long term care facilities, Jeron’s nurse call systems extend well beyond basic alerting. Our value-priced solutions give facilities access to step-saving networked and wireless options usually only available on more expensive nurse call systems.

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Patient Wandering Systems


Assisted Living

Elpas Wander Protection provides peace of mind to family and staff, knowing that their loved ones are safe within protected areas. Wandering residents maintain their quality of life and freedom of movement while being kept safe from harm within the facility. When wandering residents are detected near protected exits, the staff is alerted, and the exit is secured.

NHS Dewnans Center - Case Study

Infant Protection Systems



Elpas Infant Protection permits the regular movement of mothers, staff and visitors in and out of the maternity ward, while preventing the protected infants from being removed from the ward unnoticed or without supervision. In addition to monitoring the physical whereabouts and safety of the infants, Elpas Infant Protection can log the authorized transfer of the infants throughout the hospital, preventing any illicit attempts to move infants to and from wards and treatment centers.

Infant Protection Brochure