Fire Alarm System Solutions

You can't always predict when an emergency may occur, but our systems will assist you in knowing when to react to one.

Are you looking for a fire alarm system for your business? At Syracuse Time & Alarm Co., Inc. we cater to your company's unique fire alarm system needs. Whether it be for a school, hospital, municipal building, or a small locally owned business, we can help you stay up-to-date concerning fire alarm system requirements and give you the peace of mind you deserve. By using emerging technologies, we are able to produce a robust life safety solution. Where people congregate or work or live, they will need to be informed of an impending emergency. We work with top manufacturers, such as Gamewell-FCI, to ensure clients receive accurate and user-friendly fire alarm systems. We provide automatic and user interfaced solutions to both monitor and inform occupants of dangerous situations. We offer a full range of products for building fire alarms systems, from initiating and signaling devices to modular emergency evacuation control panels.


The Sound of Safety

The NFPA 72 code also addresses the issue of intelligibility. Connecting Gamewell-FCI panels using a simple twisted wire pair affords the marketplace’s greatest degree of intelligibility and fidelity, according to Gamewell-FCI project engineer, Dick Aldrich. He explains, “The sound reproduction is near high fidelity quality, so that messages are delivered clearly and are better understood. The speed of the message delivery is also unsurpassed – the system can be ready to broadcast a voice message within one or two milliseconds for near-instantaneous communication. Also, a system with a fiber optic communication network defies jamming or any other kind of outside interference.”