• Simple to Install: Installation can be performed by any experienced electrician or security/alarm technician.
  • Easy-of-Use: Simple to clean, reusable hospital-grade tags coupled with quick patient assignment.
  • Intelligent Alarming: Only sounds when a Wander has gone though the protected doors without authorized staff member escort.
  • Patient Escort Option: Wanders can be escorted through the protected exit/entrance by staff members without triggering the system’s alert intervention functionality.
  • Unlimited Tag Population: As many supplemental patient tags or staff badges can be added to the basic tracking installation without risk to patient safety.
  • Unrestricted Life Cycle Tags and Badges: Patient tags and staff badges use the same low-cost; easy to change, Lithium battery that delivers up to 5 years of continuous service between replacements.
  • Total Hardware Compatibility: From single-door, stand-alone safety solutions to networked, enterprise wide unified risk mitigation and asset tracking solutions.
  • Internationally Safety Compliant: Meets, NFPA, FCC, NEC, JCAHO CE, and FCC, UL, EMI, ESD and EM susceptibility standards.